Changing the way that I blog

As you can see, I only have 2 blog posts so far and I think that this is simply because I was trying to blog something that I am not. I wanted to be a blogging expert on the challenges that face people who work with people in my generation. I was thinking at first that I could read great books and talk with insightful leaders and tell you of all the things I learned and give you some great commentary.

Well News Flash – that is really not my style at all – probably why I have 2 posts and no readers.

So here is the real approach. I will still be blogging about leadership and what I am learning about leadership, but most of my posts will not come from profound books that took 7 years of research to write. They will not come from the greatest experts or most well-known leaders, but I will blog about what I am learning about leadership through my life.

I am young. I am learning through trail and error. I am learning through conversations with great leaders. I am learning by not getting it right 100% of the time. The fun thing is that you are too. So, I hope overtime that this will be a conversation platform. A place where I can talk with you about the things that I am learning now that will make me a much better leader later in life.

I am a David who too often wants to skip over the ‘shepherd’ years and just beat Goliath.

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I am passionate about being intentional with my influence in the next generation. I love to read, write, spend time with friends, and invest in people around me. I am an avid coffee drinker and a raving fan of Chick-fil-A. I am married to an incredible wife and father of two awesome boys.

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