A Semester with @BackstageLeader

As you can tell, I am not an avid blogger- as much as I have wanted to write and tell about my experiences and how i learn from them, i just always make excuses as to why I do not. However, this past semester, I have had an incredible opportunity to be a part of a great experience called Backstage Leadership and I would hate not to take an opportunity to share with you about a few things that I have learned.

As we have gone through the semester, we have talked with some incredible leaders. We have been able to learn from them in a much more intimate setting than you normally would at a conference or any other big event, which has been fun to watch them in this setting. These leaders have been great business leaders like Dan Cathy, authors like Ken Blanchard, and pastors such as Mark Batterson.

So, over the next few blogs (and yes, i will actually commit to write 4 in a row), I will be debriefing my experiences from Backstage Leadership. I will try to keep them brief, and hopefully you will see a take-away that you can apply in what you are doing in your world right now-

Stay Tuned

For more information about Backstage Leadership and how you can be a part next semester, check out BackstageLeadership.org

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