@BackstageLeader Lesson 1: Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson was the first session for the semester of @BackstageLeader and it was an incredible start to a semester of learning. I actually have already blogged briefly about the call with Batterson, so be sure to check it out but I will add to it here.

One thing that Mark said that has stuck with me almost more than anything this semester is this one quote:

“We over-estimate what we can do in a year and we under-estimate what we can do in 10.”

I can not tell you how often this plays out in my life. As a leader (young or old) we tend to put everything on our plate. We think “if I can just do this, and take that trip – if I can go to this conference, and work on that project – if I can just complete this task list and start working on a start-up ministry…” We think we can take on the world – and rightfully so – we can. We have unbelievable abilites and talents. God has wired us each with our own strengths and with those we can do amazing things…But not all at one time.

Do you ever wonder if you are doing so much today that you can not even begin to think about your sphere of influence in 10 years? Do you ever find your self so swamped in the today’s work that you could never even dream of what 5 years from now will look like?

I think that we are sitting at a catalyst in time – a launching pad for our generation to take off and make a huge impact on the world in which we live. But we honestly have to guard yourself from not being so busy today that we fail to see tomorrow. We need to not over-committ our selves so much that we can not focus on what we can do in the future. We need to take the time today and clear some space in your calendar for personal development – a time for you to prepare yourself for what will come in the next years.

From where I sit, I feel like the future is limitless. I am so excited to see what God will do in my life in the next 3, 5, and 10 years, but I hope that will be a good steward of my time today to prepare my self for what that will look like and I hope that I never get so focused on today that I will not dream and cast vision for what tomorrow will hold.

What are you doing today to prepare for your leadership roles in the future?

Check back tomorrow for a lesson from Mike Foster

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