@BackstageLeader Lesson 2: Mike Foster

The next session that I had with @BackstageLeader, was with a guy named Mike Foster. People who were in high school and college at the same time as me will probably know Mike mostly from being the co-founder of and organization called XXXChurch. Currently Mike is working on something called, People of the Second Chance, so check out his site if you have a few minutes.

Mike works also in the field of branding and graphic through his studio called Plain Joe Studios based out of California, so a lot of what he had great isight on was project management, new ideas and creativity.

One thing that he said that really stuck with me is that

“people will never respect you for what you are about to do, only for things that you do do.”

To be really honest, ideas are a dime a dozen. You can sit at a table with 3 people and come up with a list of 10 ideas in about 5 seconds. Then when you get done and look at your list of 10 ideas, that will lead to a new list of 3o ideas that have spun off the first 10, then 90 ideas, and so on. Point is that almost anyone can come up with an idea – but how do you make your idea a reality.

I think this is where true leadership is played out – how do you use the resources that you have been entrusted with (money, time influence, people, relationships, etc.) and use them to make an idea a good reality.

I know that this is something that I struggle with and I believe that many young leaders struggle with. We tend to dream up ideas all day long, but how many do we act upon? If you want to do something great, something that will make a huge impact on this world and more importantly eternity, then you have to make your idea more than just an idea. We can find every excuse not to make it happen – but what reasons do you have to make it happen?

If you think you have excuses, I want you to check out this video. This kid had every reason to say no thanks – I am too young, I have no money, no one wants to listen to a kid… But he did not take that road – he made his idea come to life… Will you?

What are some of your ideas? What are you doing today to make them a reality for tomorrow?

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