@BackstageLeader Lesson 3: Dan T. Cathy

This was a really interesting session with @backstageleader and possibly the one that I anticipated the most from my semester in the program.  I was not really excited about this from the fact that I was planning to hear a ton of information that I have not heard before, but more so to hear Dan in this context – to see how he would relate to this group and to learn from his interactions.

Crazily enough the think that I learn from Dan the most is the value of people.  Every time that I get to spend with Dan, I do feel like I learn so much, but it really boils down to the stewardship of influence and how you interact with people.  The time with Dan during the Backstage Leadership Session was no different at all.

I was amazed again at how much people matter to Dan.  There happen to be several Chick-fil-A people that were a part of the session, and any time that someone introduced themselves on the call (CFA people), Dan knew them.  Not just their name and where they are from, but intimate details of their lives.  How is your wife and your family?  He remembered t ask about parents and even knew significant events in their lives (i.e. deaths and births of loved ones).  See for Dan, when he says that we are in the people business, not the Chicken business – it is real.

I do have the privilege to spend a little time with Dan every once in a while, and I love to watch him interact.  He will be the last one in line so that he can serve everyone else first; he will allow others to walk through the open door and you can look back 3 minutes later to see him talking one-on-one with the bellman who held he door, and you may be waiting for him to board a plane while you see him talking to the traffic controller to simply say a genuine thank you for doing what they do.

One think important lesson to learn is people – they are not only your greatest asset, they are people!  They have experiences, emotions, and they have an unbelievable story!  Never miss the opprotunity to make a relationship – not because they can get you somewhere in life, but because you care!

-You can follow Dan on twitter @DanCathy and read his blog @ DanTCathy.com

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