I have an idea…

The thought of an idea is overwhelming to me sometimes… just to be honest.  The reason why is because when I have an idea, I think that I only have three options: One option makes me a procrastinator, another makes me a bad steward of the idea, and the last makes me work and sacrifice…

When you have an idea, I believe that you have 3 options:

1. File in away for later use – You can do this though an actual organized system of just file it away in your mental filing cabinet in hopes that you will remember it someday.  [If you don’t like writing things down, you should check out my blog on writing down ideas, HERE.]  Nonetheless, you can file it, wait for a better day, and maybe one day you will return to the idea.

2. Another thing that you can do is to decide to do nothing with the idea.  I believe that this is what most people do with most ideas.  Ideas really are a dime a dozen – you have hundreds, if not thousands of them a day – and let’s be honest, some are good and some are lousy – Mine too! So, we can choose to do nothing with the idea, and maybe if it is a good one it will come back to us someday…

3. Lastly you can act! I can guarantee you this: you will never be known for what you are about to do, only for what you do.  You cannot change the world or impact your community of you are thinking of an idea, only if you act upon your idea.  Few people in our world actually act upon their ideas, specifically their big ideas!  The problem with acting upon an idea is that it is hard – it takes work, most likely it will take sacrifice, it will be criticized, and guess what it may not work – Yet I would argue that it is still worth it!

In my opinion it is worth the risk, it is worth the investment of time, energy, and resources, and sometimes it may even be worth failing.   We cannot act upon every idea, it would be practically impossible – but I challenge you to act on one.  Pick a small one to start, if things do not work out, make some changes and try again!  If things work well, try a harder idea.

Don’t let a good idea go to waste – at least be a write it down  – But start with one… Do you have any big ideas hanging out there?  What has kept you from acting on it?

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I am passionate about being intentional with my influence in the next generation. I love to read, write, spend time with friends, and invest in people around me. I am an avid coffee drinker and a raving fan of Chick-fil-A. I am married to an incredible wife and father of two awesome boys.


  1. Jessica Smith Brown

    Hey Brent! Glad you shared your blog! I love reading blogs to get ideas from other people and I have a blast with mine!! I wanted to tell you about a website I just discovered yesterday that can help with the ideas of filing them away until you get it together to act on it! It’s http://www.evernote.com you may have heard of it but I thought it was pretty neat and worth sharing! Check it out! Hope you and your wife are doing good!

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