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Every year around this time the team that I work with at WinShape Camps does something that very few organizations do.   For one work week, we put everything on hold – The whole team puts up an away message, packs our bags, and we head to a location together to  stop, evaluate, dream, and plan for what is in store.

We call this week an “evaluation week” as we always start our time by diving into all ‘customer service data’ that we have.  We look at trends in our evaluations from parents of campers, from the campers themselves, our summer staffers, and even evaluations from ourselves.  We try to take a step back and look at what we are doing, celebrate things that have gone well, and look for areas to improve upon in the coming year.

Maybe the more fun part of the week is that we take about 3 of the 5 days to really get our minds spinning and dream of what we can accomplish in the next year.  We also think about things that we can accomplish in 2 years, maybe 3, and we talk about where we are going in the far-off future as well.

It is a long week, but well worth it.  I heard it said recently (quoted from Proverbs 29:18) that where there is no vision, the people will parish.  But the interesting thing though if this is true then where there is vision the people will thrive and prosper.

I believe that if you wait until you have the time to evaluate and dream then you will never do it.  I am blessed to serve on a team that sees the vital importance of it –

I encourage you to do this in your professional life if you do not have a practice of doing so.  Evaluate your past year and plan your next year.  But beyond that, a challenge for myself as well is to do this also in your personal life.  What have you personally accomplished this past year and what are your 1, 3, 5, and 10 year goals?

Don’t wait until you have time – make the time to evaluate, to dream, to plan, and to pray over it all!

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