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For our organization, an event like today only happens a few times a year, and it is something that I have really grown to love and appreciate.  Today is a day when everyone who works within our organization  is able to come together, get caught up on things that are going on and ensure we are all on the same page.

I get to work for an organization that in its biggest form is organized  into 2 divisions – the division that I serve with is a part of a collaborative which has over 8 different ministries operating from it and is comprised of at least 4 different partnering organizations.  Although we would still be considered a small organization, we have a lot of moving pieces, a lot of different people, and a lot of potential to all be moving to the beat of a different drum.

I think it is important to be able to have events as we are doing today; to carve our intentional time to help make sure that our vision is aligned.  A great leader knows that he or she is always communicating vision – where by action or words, the leader is setting the pace for where an organization is going and getting others sold in on that vision. 

Although I do believe that it is the leaders full responsibility to cast the vision and lead with that vision, it is also their responsibility to get everyone on the team to fulfill the same vision.  The picture at the top of this post is an example of that – yesterday, my pastor at Athens Church tweeted this picture that a college staff member drew, simply asking “what have I done today to cast vision?”  This guy got it, he knew that each and everyday he had a role to play to help fulfill the vision of the organization he serves with.  But I also believe that our pastor Sean Seay, the leader of their organization got it – he has his team bought in and sold to the vision.

It is everyone’s role to be on the same page and the leader’s role to get them there.  I think it is hugely important to meet with your team regularly and help align them in the same vision, mission, and goals.  Keep the direction in the font of their minds, keep them aligned with where you want to go as a leader.  As a leader you cannot afford to have people on your team who will not latch on to the common purpose and goals.

I believe our meetings with the whole collaborative are crucial in helping us create synergy as an organization to move in the same direction – they have started the movement from point A to point B and will hopefully carry us far into the future.

What do you as a leader do to help cast and maintain vision?  How do you communicate this to the ones who follow you?

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