4 Steps When Setting Goals – A Lesson from “Never Say Never”

Last week, my wife Angela and I decided to have an at-home date night.  It was a little impromptu and really was spurred on by the fact that I wanted to just be lazy for a night.  With this in mind, we decided to watch a movie.  We are not big movie watchers, yet sometimes it is nice to wrap up in a blanket, pop some popcorn, and download a movie to watch on AppleTV.

As we scrolled through the new releases on AppleTV we did not find anything we really wanted to watch, but I did keep coming across the movie “Never Say Never.”  Now, I will admit that I have downloaded the My World 2.0 album on iTunes, but I have never ventured to say I am a Justin Bieber fan and to be 100% honest, I knew nothing of his story.  With little options for Angela and I to watch, we pressed “rent” for Justin Bieber’s movie, “Never Say Never.”

As the movie started, I found myself strangely intrigued by the story.  If you are like me then you probably know nothing of Justin Bieber, so let me fill you in in 3 sentences:

Justin Bieber was always interested in music and honestly had an unreal talent at an early age.  In his early teenage years, Justin started performing all over town and recording self-made videos on Youtube and attracted hundreds of thousands of fans.  A music producer found Justin on Youtube, took a huge risk in making Justin famous, got Justin networked with the right people, and the rest will be forever history.

What really impressed me most about the movie is that Justin is a lot wiser than most people will ever give him credit for.  The main storyline of the movie is telling how Justin became famous mixed in with his journey to playing at the nation’s (and possibly the world’s) most famous venue in New Youk City, Madison Square Gardens.  The whole movie, Justin and his team are striving to get things perfect for what would be the biggest performance of his life.  What I learned from Justin within the mix of “Never Say Never” is a lot about setting goals.

From Justin’s goal to sell out and play at Madison Square Gardens, I learned 4 important lessons:

  1. When setting a goal, you need to get a small taste of accomplishment first:  From the story, Justin was at another concert at Madison Square Gardens (I believe it was Taylor Swift) and this is when he knew that this was something he wanted to strive for.  He was not at his own concert, but we was able to get a small taste of what it would feel like if it were his own event.  Goals are always easier to shoot for if you have a small taste of what achieving that goal will feel like.
  2. When setting a goal, be specific and give it a deadline:  When Justin was at the concert at The Gardens, he looked at his agent and said “we can sell this place out within the next year.”  Justin knew that he needed to be specific and give a time line to make those around him also buy-in.  He knew he not only wanted to play at the Gardens, but also sell it out within a year.
  3. When setting a goal you have to work hard if you want to achieve it: When Justin took on the challenge to sell out The Gardens within a year, he followed his statement by saying “I do not care how hard I have to work to make it happen, we can do it.”  Any goal worth chasing will not just come to you – it will take a lot of hard work.
  4. You need to celebrate with people you care about when you accomplish your goal.  When Justin did accomplish his goal of playing to a sold-out crowd at The Garden he made sure his friends and family were there to celebrate with him.  It is important as leaders to remember to celebrate successes when we accomplish our goals.

Well, I may have just lost all credibility for blogging about leadership lessons I learned from Justin Bieber, but that’s okay.  If you have not watched the movie, I would say it’s well worth the time – a facilitating story of hard work and living your dreams.

What are some recent goals you have accomplished?  How did you make your goal become a reality?

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