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Recently I have been asking myself, “why do you take the time to write a blog?”  As many of you know, it obviously has not taken too much of my time since I have not updated in over a month.  Nonetheless, recently this question has been in my mind a lot because I do not claim to be a writer, nor do I ever aspire to be a writer.

The truth is, although not a writer, I do love to write.  For me thinking through an idea, fleshing it out, and writing a post is challenging, fun, and engaging.   The hard part is actually posting and making it public.

When I post a blog and tweet a link or post it on Facebook, I send my ideas to my sphere of influence.  In the simple press of a button, something I have poured hours into and put much thought into has been placed on the chopping block for others to develop an opinion about.  When I press publish on WordPress, I send my ideas to a group of people whose opinion I care about.  Then it is left for them to criticize, critique, and challenge my ideas.

So, why do I do it?  Why blog?  Is it because the public figures that influence me the most do so through a blog?  Is it because it is easier than ever to have a presence online and a voice in the conversation?  These may be factors, but I write and post on BrentFielder.com for 5 main reasons:

  • Blogging helps me process what is going on in life – My tagline is that I am “learning to LEAD my generation.”  The best way for me to learn is to experience things in life and process these things by writing them down.  As I write, I ask key questions like “what did this teach you,” “how can you teach others these principles,” and “how can you communicate what you have learned?”  Writing a blog helps me process what is going on in my life and challenges my thinking through it.
  • Blogging helps me offer value online – It is my hope that people find some value in what I write.  I do not think that everything I write will resonate with everyone, but someday maybe it will resonate with someone.  I ‘take’ a lot from the Internet daily.  I read blogs and articles, watch videos, and read e-books – writing it is a chance to help process some of this and create value for people.   It’s not all about taking, but giving as well.
  • Blogging give me practice in writing – I said earlier that I am not a writer, but my generation must become better writers, including myself.  In a world where emails come in by the dozens, tweets make you communicate a profound thought in 140 characters, and we all post a status update to communicate how we are doing in life, we need to be able to write and do it effectively and efficiently.  We have to understand the need for written communication is growing daily.
  • Blogging helps me filter what I communicate online – I have written before about how we need to manage our own public relations like generations have never had to do before.  Blogging has helped me really think through what I should be saying and what my voice online should be.  We need to be careful what you say online; it’s permanent.  A blog gives me a place to think out full thoughts and a place to establish what I want my voice to be in a world full of noise.
  • Selfishly, I do it for me – I love to keep track of what I am learning.  Blogging helps me do this.  I love to challenge my mind and process ideas.  Blogging helps me do this.  I love to write.  Blogging helps me do this.  I blog because I love it.

There it is in a nutshell.  I hope I will learn to be more and more effective in my writing and create more and more value to those of you who read.  Until then, I am grateful to you who do read and even if no one did, I would keep writing because I enjoy every minute of it.

Question:  Do you write on a blog?  If so, why?  If not do you write anywhere else to process what you are learning in life?

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I am passionate about being intentional with my influence in the next generation. I love to read, write, spend time with friends, and invest in people around me. I am an avid coffee drinker and a raving fan of Chick-fil-A. I am married to an incredible wife and father of two awesome boys.

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