What do you REALLY want to do?

I want to learn to play the guitar.  I want to run a marathon.  I want to loose 15 pounds.  I want to learn a foreign language.  I want to live off a budget.

The real question though is what do I really want to do.

After a sermon series we are walking through at Athens Church called “Sunday and Monday,” my wife and I have been challenged in many areas of our life. One of the most important challenges is what we do with our time, specifically with the first hour of our day.

One of the greatest conversations that we have had that spurred from this series happened in the car a few weeks ago.  Angela and I kept listing all of the things we want to do – things like the items listed above.  I kept saying things like, I want to get in shape, I want to spend time in the Word everyday, and I want us to get financially fit.  As we continued talking though these things, we always had an excuse; many of which you probably have on a daily basis as well:

  • I want to run… but I can hardly get up in time for work and I am so tired, and not to mention that it’s really hot.
  • I want to watch what we spend better… but we live such an unscheduled life and what if we NEED to buy something that we are not expecting and then it messes up the whole thing.
  • I want to eat right…. But since we are on the road so much, sometimes we have no healthy options and it is just really hard to do it.

The list can go on and on and you probably have a list of your own.  A list full of good intentions that you just cannot seem to push through the excuses to make them happen.

I finally stopped and looked at Angela and simply said, what do you really want to do…

See it all starts with a decision – A decision to say yes to what you want to do.  You have to be willing to say yes to what you want to do more than saying yes to the excuses that come in the way.  When I kept thinking through all of these items, I realized that my actions said that I did not really want to do any of them.    I began to debrief and I have come to the conclusion that unless you really decided that you want to do something, the excuses will always win out.

This conversation was pivotal to us and to what has been taking place for the past couple of weeks in our lives.  We have listed the things that we REALLY want to do –things that we will say yes to and push through the excuses.  Now our list is looking a little more like this:

  • I want to get in shape… so I have placed time in my day where I will go run or walk and get some exercise.
  • I want to get financially fit…. So we have planned out a budget, have developed a great system for tracking our spending, and are making a conscience effort to watch what we spend.
  • I want to eat healthy… so I have joined Weight Watchers to be able to benefit from their food tracking tools.  I also will plan out meals and snacks in advance (even for traveling) so I can be prepared and not eat items that are not healthy for me.
  • I want to spend time with God daily… so I will wake up earlier and sacrifice an hour of sleep for time with my heavenly father.

For us, excuses are still popping up, but we have made the firm decisions as a couple to not let the excuses win, but instead let the decisions that we have already made win.   It is not easy, and we are still only in the first few weeks, but we are working hard to make our priorities right and to act on the things we really want to do.

Taking things from the “want to do list” to the “get it done list” simply takes a decision and a plan.  Pick the items that are a priority to you and make the decision that will beat the excuses every time.

Question:  What are some things on your “want to do” list and how can you make them happen?

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