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I had something I have been thinking about that would be really “deep and profound” to write about today – however as I sat down to write this blog, I received an email from a co-worker that was much more real-life and a much better lesson than what I had in my mind.

As you or your team approach a big deadline it is so easy to get caught up into to-do lists and action items and forget about the simple things in life.  This is where my team is now.  I serve with a ministry whose main focus is summer camping experiences.  The summer is our show time.  Our team works countless hours to provide a once in a lifetime experience for kids at WinShape Camps during the summer.  This time of year there is a mood of tension over the air as we all approach our final deadlines and it is good to remember to have some fun in the busy moments.

I received a great email a few minutes ago that reminded me to remember to have a little humor in your life.  I will offer no background, as it is not needed.  Here is the email:

I had scissors and now I do not
I’m wondering who took them to chop
They’re mine and are pink
They’re not yours if you think
My name is written on these shears
So please return before shed tears

There is a simple problem and a simple request, but my teammate took the time to have a little fun.  So, me needing some comic relief, responded this way:

I know it’s sad to be missing something so dear
But I cannot help you, as they are not near.
It’s sad that you had them and they’re gone in a blink
But I do not know where they are even now as I think.
Good luck on your quest to find the missing tool
And to whoever took them – that is not cool.
Sorry – no scissors here.

Again, this is not the most profound blog I have ever written, but for me this was a timely reminder that we need to have fun as a team.  We cannot merely work and get things done, we have to work together to get things done and have fun doing it!

My work career has been short to this point, remember I am only 27, but I have already learned that people will get more done and be much happier if a team will have fun and create an enjoyable environment.  As a leader of a team, it is my job to make sure people have fun at work and enjoy what they are doing.

What are some small things you do to have fun with the people you work with?

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  1. Wish I had read this before I met you last weekend . . . I would have tried to talk in rhyme!

  2. Wish I had read this before I met you last weekend . . . I would have tried to talk in rhyme!

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