Keeping Track of Thoughts

This week I have been learning a lot about getting organized, getting everything out of your mind and getting in on paper, how to keep up with all bits of information that come in, etc. I attended a seminar in New York called “Getting Things Done” in which we talked a lot about writing thoughts down and developing a system of what to do with the things you write and how to process next actions or storage.

I say all of that to bridge to my next thought.

I have always had a hard time keeping track of things. I think that I get a lot of great ideas about how to change work items, how to make things better, future plans and growths, etc. but I seem to loose a lot of them. I think its because I may not value them all. Sometimes I think “well by time I can actually do that I will have thought of something better.” Chances are this is right, but why start from scratch every time?

On Monday I was on a call with Mark Batterson though BackstageLeadership and one thing that stood out to me was this thought:

Keeping track of things is more of a stewardship issue than anything. God has given you a gift of thoughts and ideas and you have to be a steward of those things.

I think that we so tend to get caught up on the idea that stewardship is wrapped up in money, but what abut our thoughts and our ideas? Are we not stewards of them? Would we ride down the road with our trunk full of money and the lid open so it can all fly out? No thats absurd, but are we not doing the same thing when we do not write our thoughts down?

…Just a thought.

What methods do you use to record all of you thoughts? A blog? A Moleskin? Do you have an App for that?


Changing the way that I blog

As you can see, I only have 2 blog posts so far and I think that this is simply because I was trying to blog something that I am not. I wanted to be a blogging expert on the challenges that face people who work with people in my generation. I was thinking at first that I could read great books and talk with insightful leaders and tell you of all the things I learned and give you some great commentary.

Well News Flash – that is really not my style at all – probably why I have 2 posts and no readers.

So here is the real approach. I will still be blogging about leadership and what I am learning about leadership, but most of my posts will not come from profound books that took 7 years of research to write. They will not come from the greatest experts or most well-known leaders, but I will blog about what I am learning about leadership through my life.

I am young. I am learning through trail and error. I am learning through conversations with great leaders. I am learning by not getting it right 100% of the time. The fun thing is that you are too. So, I hope overtime that this will be a conversation platform. A place where I can talk with you about the things that I am learning now that will make me a much better leader later in life.

I am a David who too often wants to skip over the ‘shepherd’ years and just beat Goliath.


The Next Generation

As I start to blog, I am going to try to steer my thoughts around leading and investing in the lives of the Next Generation. I have a lot of political views, social stances, and conservative world-view ideas, however it is my intention for this blog to not turn into an avenue of my own rants and one-sided view points. There are millions of other blogs out there that will take these traditional stances and view-points, however this will not be one.

My goal is to actually give value to you for reading this. My focus will be investing in the lives of the next generation, which is what most call Gen Y and Gen Z. (Gen Y being people born between 1978 and 1990 and Gen Z being those born between 1991 and 2000.) We are the next generation of leaders that will radically impact the world in ways that are more influential, more efficient, and ore passionately than any other generation that has ever existed – but only if we are invested in, coached, and mentored into the influencers that we have the potential to be.

I want to start blogging at BrentFielder.com with a short video that will hopefully describe who we (Gen Y and Z) are so that we can have a better understanding of how to pour into and invest into the lives of the next gen.

Bottom line: take the time to be a good steward of your influence

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