My 30 Before 30

About a year ago I realized that the age 30 was just around the corner.  Now, I understand that 30 is still young, but it is also a milestone age in which you start to think about where you are in life, what you have done, and where you are headed.

As I started to approach 30, I wanted to create a list to chase after and have some fun and great accomplishments before that age.  So, on January 10, 2011 I sat down and drafted my “30 before 30” list.  Since then, I have let it sit in a file folder on my computer and not done much with it.

By chance I have completed two tasks on the list, but I am making this list public to get encouragement and connections to help me make this a reality.  Over the next two and a half years I will be posting blog posts about my adventures to accomplish these tasks.  I hope you will join me on the journey.  Its going to be fun and we are going to get this done!

  1. Plant a Garden 
  2. Learn to Wakeboard 
  3. See the Grand Canyon
  4. Read the Bible all the way through start to finish
  5. Run a half marathon
  6. Stay at my ideal body weight for a steady 6 months to create a habit
  7. Go on a foreign mission trip with my wife – outside of Brazil
  8. Invest in an individual stock on the stock market
  9. Learn to Roast my own coffee
  10. Take my parents on a trip (coming September 2013)
  11. Take my son fishing
  12. Read a Tale of Two Cities because I skipped through this in High School
  13. Go see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
  14. Take a Vacation in Georgia (City, Mountains, and Coast)
  15. Learn to use Final Cut Express which I bought in 2009
  16. Visit Montana during the summer
  17. See a show in the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City
  18.  Meet the current US President or a Former US President
  19. Write a letter to myself to open on my 40th birthday
  20. Write a letter to my son to open on his 18th Birthday
  21. Learn how to ride a motorcycle
  22. Financially support someone else to go overseas on a mission trip
  23. Leave a waitress a 100.00 tip with a note encouraging to pass on a good deed
  24. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  25. Learn to make fresh bread
  26. Develop the habit of a weekly date night with my wife
  27. Sit down and talk with a CEO of a large corporation (other than Chick-fil-A)
  28. Eat at a Fine Dinning restaurant where I have to think really hard about which fork to use.
  29. Sponsor a child through Compassion or World Vision
  30. Get my “body age” to at least 20 determined by a physical assessment

Leave your comment below to add to the list – I am excited to share my journey with you all!


  1. I know it may seem silly compared to the other awesome things on your list, but what about something having to do with car maintenance, like learning how to change your own oil, etc.? I think that would be great to know how to do. This encourages me to make a list of my own, though mine might be shorter since I turn 30 in November!

  2. Here are some options for you.

    Hike the Appalachian Trail.
    Go Scuba Diving.
    Campout at a CFA Grand Opening.
    Help build a Habitat for Humanity House.
    Go to a College National Championship Game
    Go on a road trip with some friends

    • I have already helped to build a habitat house and camped out at a CFA opening, but the others could work out great! Are you interested in learning to scuba with me? There is a place in PTC!

      • I know the owners of the PTC Dive Shop. If you decide on this one, let me know and I’ll hook you guys up!

  3. Speak at Catalyst
    road trip with your son (might be better when hes a little older)
    learn how to ski/snowborad?
    See the ball drop on New Years in NY or the Lighting of the Christmas tree
    Take a homeless person to lunch/dinner and listen to their story
    Go on a police ride along
    Westcoast roadtrip when your in Montana..Oregon and Washington are beautiful as well
    I don’t know if any of these interest you, but you’ve inspired me to do the same and make a list. Can’t wait! Thanks Brent! hope you and your family are doing well!

    • I would love to speak at Catalyst, but don’t think I am quite there yet. Maybe that can be on my 40 before 40 list!

      Great thoughts for the list. Let me know when you make yours!

  4. I would so run a half marathon! And you’ve gotta do the hot air balloon..I mean..come on!

    Other ideas-
    Donate blood
    Bridge jumping/Cliff jumping into a lake
    Learn how to cook a delicious, yet complicated meal
    Be an extra on a movie

    Those are just some ideas off the top of my head. Sounds fun! I will definitely tag along with anything fun and spontaneous ha

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